Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pirate iSpy Bottles: Free Download

Pirate iSpy Bottles
ARRGgghh! We incorporated our PIRATE theme into a sensory activity this week. The kids started out with an empty 8oz water bottle and used a shovel + a funnel to pour sand into it. Once they had sand they were free to add whatever "pirate's treasure" they desired. We had mini sea shells, glitter, buttons, pearls, various beads, and a variety of rhinestone shapes/sizes. In addition I lamenated mini paper pirate flags (download the pirate flags here), and pirate stickers.

After they were satisfied with their treasure we hot glued the bottle cap back on. The kids tied on a shiny piece of scrap fabric around the bottle's neck and their Pirate iSpy Bottle was complete!

In order to invite the children into this activity, I covered the table with a table cloth (easier to clean up the sand later) and a full sized pirate flag (found it on for less than $5!)

Encourage the students to lay the bottles on their side a roll it around. The different pieces of treasure they included will be revealed. This activity can easily be turned into a speech lesson if you have the children label and talk about the different things they find in their bottles.

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