Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Classroom

We just had a student free day and my TAs and I were finally able to get a lot of work done in regards to our classroom arrangement and organization. (Yay!)

Our classroom is divided into a variety of learning centers. We have a library, block area, pretend play area, puzzle center, tool bench, train table, writing center, and circle time area. Each of the areas of labeled and defined either by furniture or rugs. We are also really lucky because our classroom was once designed as an Occupational Therapy "gym" and so we have sturdy beams on the ceiling, and swings that can be attached.

Group Time

Our Circle Time area is located in the right hand corner of this picture. We have found that having everyone sit in chairs is a much easier way to keep bodies still and focused.
The half circle tables are the greatest invention yet. We push them together for large group activities like snack time, and then pull them apart for small group work. Teachers can sit in the "nook" and easily have access to the task at hand.


Our class entrance is fun and welcoming. Sometimes leaving mom and dad can be difficult, so making the class as inviting as possible is key to easy transitions. The class door has a picture of every child to remind them that this is their space.  We have two sets of cubbies and they are arranged in an L shape. Having the cubbies right by the door helps to remind the students of our morning routine of putting their belongings, ie: snack box, jacket, etc, away before coming inside. The cubbies also prevent students who are excited to come in from charging through the classroom.

More Circle Time
All of the supplies we need for circle time are easily accessable in this area.

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  1. This is one of the best sites I have ever been on. There are so many ideas, and strategies that can be used in classrooms everywhere. I would not have know it was for a special education class if you had not listed it as one. The classroom design and structure is beautiful and well organized. There are so many ideas I have taken away from this site and I have learned so much from visiting this site. You have given so much to teachers that it is hard to leave this site without recommending it to others. Thank you for creating this site and allowing us to use.


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