Thursday, August 2, 2012

We Need Your Help!

Some fellow teachers and I have projects for school supplies posted on We are in the runnings to have our projects fully funded. All we need is your help and it will only take a few seconds of your time. Please follow the link and Facebook "LIKE" each of the four projects on the page. THAT'S IT! Thanks so much in advance! If you have similar projects please leave your link as a comment and I will return all favors!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pool Noodles and Funnels - Dollar Tree Finds!

Pool Noodles and Funnels - Dollar Tree Finds!

I found these pool noodles at the Dollar Tree! I also picked up a pack of 3 funnels for $1! We added them to our water play bucket area. The children were able to transfer water from one bucket to the other. This required some team work and it was great to see them working together!

Later we put funnels on both ends of the noodles and used them as telephones. The noddles vibrate slightly when you talk into them providing a great senesory input for the users.

Kate from Fun in ECSE nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award!

This award is named for the German word "Liebster," which translates to "beloved" or "favorite", and is given to a "new, up and coming blogger."
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So here are people I am giving this award to.

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