Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art: Pitter Patter

Wax Paper Raindrops

What you'll need:

  • Crayon shavings (shades of blue, and white)
  • A cheese grater (one designated for school is best, because it will be covered in crayon afterwards)
  • Blue and White tissue paper squares
  • Wax paper cut into rain drop shapes
  • An iron or laminater
  • Blue, silver, white glitter

  1. Give each child one side of the wax paper rain drop.
  2. Have the child sprinkle crayon shavings, tissue paper squares, and glitter to their desired amount. (Encourage them to cover the whole rain drop with crayon shavings so that the two sides stick together better)
  3. Place the 2nd piece of wax paper on top.
  4. Iron, or place in laminater. (if using a laminater insert the rain drop between two pieces of plain white printing paper)
  5. I labeled my display in the window "Pitter Patter" (which went with a song we learned), but it is hard to see with the light.

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