Thursday, November 17, 2011

Music: Pitter, Patter - Free Puppet Download

It is Raining!
(to the tune of "Frere Jacques")
It is raining, It is raining!
On my ____________________, On my ___________________!
Pitter, Pitter, Patter,
Pitter, Pitter, Patter,
I'm all wet, I'm all wet!

  • Fill in the blank parts of the song with body parts. The children can help name the body parts they want to include in the song (head, shoulder, arm). Sometimes my kids like to switch it up and say "In my Mouth! In my Mouth!" They hold their head back and open their mouths to the sky as though they are catching the raindrops with their moths.
  • We like to clap our hands on our knees while we say "pitter, pitter, patter" to imitate the sounds rain actually makes. (great for nonverbal or struggling students)

I made these puppets for my class and the children place the rain puppet on each body part as we say it. They are available for download. Just cut them out, laminate, and tape to a popsicle stick!

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