Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Biking Our Way to Success!

Biking Our Way to Success!

My Students: "Big wheels keep on rolling!" However, this is not the case if you are a preschooler at our school. The kindergarteners have two very old bikes, which they allow us to use once a week, but this limited time is not enough for our developing gross motor skills! We need our own preschool sized bikes!
Our class is a Pre-K for students between the ages of 3-5 with special needs. Their disabilities differ, but most are placed on the Autism spectrum. We are located on an elementary school campus and are the only Pre-K in the district.

My students have their days, planned full of interventions, assessments and therapy sessions. They are all such little troopers that face great difficulties daily. When they come to school, I want them to be excited and happy. School should be challenging, but there's no reason it can't also be fun!

Despite their disabilities, the students in my classroom are just like any other preschooler. They love coming to school and exploring their environment in hands-on ways. We love music, dancing, and art (especially the messy kind!), but our favorite time of the day is story time! If you were to visit our classroom, you would probably be introduced to our favorite book, "Pete the Cat," within the first five minutes of your arrival (probably sooner!).

My Project: The students in my class eagerly await Fridays because they know they get to ride the "big kids" bikes. Unfortunately, because of the kindergarten's recess schedule, we only have access to the bikes one day a week. This simply is not enough time to help develop my student's large muscles and coordination. Many of the students in my class have delays in coordination, balance, and gross motor development. Our occupational therapist has suggested that many of the students in my class should start riding tricycles, in order to help encourage development. We are requesting one small bike and one bigger bike in order to accommodate all of the children in our class. We would also love a scooter to help practice balance and coordination for some of our more advanced students.
My students are so excited for the day that they can use bikes freely at school. Our new bikes will be well loved by the students in my class. Your donations will help ensure that the wheels of development keep on rolling!

My students need 2 cycles and a scooter to help practice coordination and to foster gross motor development.

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